Skolan framsida

Liten gotlandsparlör:

Rindi Ivy
Släke Seaweed
Sårk Boy
Töis Girl
Pärar Potatoe
Mavar Gull
Raubär Wild strawberry
Ei Ewe
Lambi Sheep
Körku Church
Naug di Hurry up
Stickelsbär Gooseberry

Gotland is a real summer paradise! Those who have visited our beautiful island in the summer often have a strong desire to come back.

A Guest House Gotland offers accommodation, cafe and a craft shop in the beautiful Rone parish on the south-east part of Gotland. Here, we have found our own favourite place on the beautiful island of Gotland. We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us.

From the summer of 2009 we offer a comfortable and pleasant stay for weekly rentals. You can rent both family rooms or double rooms at good prices. Our summer cafe and the lovely shop with beautifully craft is open every day during summer season. There is also a fantastic photographic exhibition called From Norrland to Gotland with beautiful nature and landscape images. Both the cafe, craft shop and photo exhibition is located in the beautiful old elementary school in the middle of Rone parish.